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Welcome to Alan Blaustein Photography. "Decor: Objet d' Art" showcases recent still life, wall decor and publication releases.

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Project: "The Sapporo Tea and Coffee House" is a new collection of photographs from recent health care wall decor commissions, exhibited in the permanent collection of the new installation at Northern California's El Camino Hospitals in Los Gatos and Mountain View. Photographed on location in Sapporo, Japan this series explores the contemporary and traditional design of Japanese drinking vessels, illustrating the beverage type which is reflected in the design of the cup. Also on display are recent gallery commissions featuring Alan's vertical style panoramic floral imagery.

"Sur le Marche" or "In The Marketplace" new in Williams Sonoma Home and Kitchen retail stores.

Project: "Sur le marche" is a new series that will be offered in 2011 as framed wall decor in Williams Sonoma Home and Kitchen stores. This ongoing project was created on location in France at a variety of market places in Provence and the Cote d' Azur.

"Strandschatze 2011" also known as "Summertime Memories", showcased in 2011 German calendar publications as an over sized gallery style wall calendar and a petite Birthday/Anniversary calendar.

The dreamy color seaside imagery titled "Nautical Illuminations" will be debuted as wall decor for spring 2011 release by Image Conscious Publications.

Projects: These two new 2011 calendar publications feature Alan's seaside still life photography. Graphically and simplistically composed Alan's black and white imagery is toned with a classic sepia palette.

"Caffe Italiano" and "Enoteca Italiano" are new portfolio's of still life cafe photographs published by Image Conscious Publications and Williams Sonoma Home and Kitchen retail stores for wall decor in 2011. Portal Publications also featured these vignettes of Italian cafe culture in their 2011 "Caffe Italiano" calendar release.

Projects: This series of cafe still life photographs Alan created while on location assignments in Italy and France over the past ten years. Alan describes his creative process in his cafe journal: "While location scouting the urban and rural cites searching for a cafe, I often stumble upon clusters of varieties of cafes. During these explorations I photographically documented my expeditions. Often inspired, I return back to my favorite places to photograph, visit the people in the neighborhood and enjoy a beverage".

These cafe explorations were the inspiration for "Caffe Italiano", a Portal Publications 2011 calendar release, "Cafes 2011" and "Cafes & Bars" 2011, European calendar releases as well a series of lithographs published by Image Conscious.