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Artist's Statement

European Landscapes - New Releases 2014

The large format panoramic landscape locations featured range from Tuscan and French countryside vistas, to cities such as Venice and Paris. These photographs were all exposed using traditional B/W film with a large format panoramic camera. All the photography was completed within the last 5 years while on location photographing for calendars, books, wall decor and various assignments for USA and European publishers and clients.

Decor Objet d'Art - Recent Still Life: wall decor and publications

For the floral and still lifes in the vertical panoramic format, I am able to isolate and focus in close up. Using select focus I can separate background and foreground and compose a focal point of interest that usually is not common or typical with a panoramic frame; especially utilizing an extreme vertical format. Working in this fashion can be time consuming and challenging because of all the variables in lighting and composition; coupled with the fact that the floral subject matter often shifts with the breeze and I am using a tripod, often with several second exposure or longer.

Cafes & Bars - Recent Cafe Projects

The landscape and cafe image selections feature various European locations and scenes that I photographed for several ongoing projects. For the past 20 years I have been traveling around France, Italy and Spain photographing significant architecture, urban and countryside landscapes, and most recently cafe type environments. Several of the images have been published for European and USA publications. These square format photographs are all exposed using traditional B/W film, and personally processed and hand printed to perfection in the darkroom. The nature of this traditional hand crafted approach from start to finish helps contribute to my final look, which often evokes a timeless sense of spirit from the past.

Sapporo Coffee & Tea House

The Japanese Tea and Coffee cup image collection is an ongoing contemporary exploration of traditional Japanese Tea and Coffee cups that still exist and are utilized today; these cups are often collected and usually go unnoticed. The different designs and styles of the cups help to define and reveal the past and present cultural influences. The forms and designs of the Japanese cups vary with the specific types of teas and beverages, which usually reflects the original use that the cup was intended for.

Le Retour Aux Jardins

Influenced by European architecture, statuary and sculpted gardens, my meticulously captured images are steeped in romanticism and historical essence. My photography rediscovers forgotten architectural nuances that the contemporary conveniences of modern-day life have overshadowed. Soft monochrome and sepia tones emphasize nostalgic details of timeless scenes reminiscent of less complicated times.

Studio dei Giardini

The gardens of Italy and France rank among the most stunning in the world. These unique places can be conceived of as picturesque landscapes or elegant enclosures flourishing on private estates where only a select few have enjoyed their secluded splendor. Tame or overgrown, gardens are sources of inspiration, and to the eye, works of art in their own right, reflecting both historical significance and design. Their calming beauty rewards the unhurried and beckons the preoccupied.

Travelling extensively throughout Italy and France for the past several years, I have captured on film a sampling of some of the most exquisite landscapes, gardens, and villas these regions have to offer. An eclectic variety of contemporary and historical horticultural themes are featured, with styles reflecting Baroque, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, English, Japanese, and aquatic motifs of garden design.

Some locations are public access retreats, like the elegantly terraced garden and olive grove on the grounds of artist Augustine Renoir’s former home and studio. More exclusive estates appear to be manicured to the last blade of grass, with marble statues, sweeping arches, lily-laden pools, and backdrops distinguished by elegant chateaus and villas.

The featured images for exhibition were created using traditional black and white printing processes. Others were hand crafted on watercolor paper utilizing the antique Platinum/Palladium and Albumen printmaking process, in an effort to illuminate the alluring, timeless essence of the garden sanctuary.